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This article explains how to change your OneLogin security factor when you get a new phone or tablet.



  • Your original device currently used with OneLogin Protect.
  • The new device you’re configuring for OneLogin Protect.


  1. Install OneLogin Protect on your new device.
  2. In your browser, navigate to your OneLogin account and sign in as usual via
  3. Select your name in the upper right and go to Profile > Security Factors, then select Add Factor.

  4. Select OneLogin Protect and choose Activate.

  5. On your new device, open OneLogin Protect and tap + in the bottom right.

  6. Scan the barcode in your browser with your new device. If OneLogin Protect requests permission to use your camera, tap Allow.
    • If you can't scan the barcode, select Can't scan the code? in your browser and follow the instructions to use an activation code instead.
  7. (Optional)In the browser, use the options menu to the right of your new security factor to give it a descriptive name, or to set it as your primary authenticator if desired.

Your new device should now be set up as a security factor. You can test this by logging out and logging back in, using your new security factor to authenticate.

If you’re keeping your old device, you can use it as a backup authenticator. Otherwise, you should remove the device from your security factors by using the options menu to the right of your old security factor:


If you don`t have access to your old phone, you need to create a ticket in our support portal.

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