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At Mypage you will find the contract you entered when accepting the study offer and your invoices. 

There are two possible ways to Mypages. You can go through the webpages: Mypages – My application or you can go directly to the web address:

Use your email address that you used when you applied to your studies. If you have any trouble with log in or the email address, please contact The Admission Office / Kontakt Opptakskontor in the Support Portal.

Mypage contains two main sections that are relevant for you after accepting your study offer. This article will tell you the content of My application and My invoices. 

My Application 

Here you will find information about your study program that you have applied for. You will also find the study contract that you accepted when accepting the study offer. 

My invoices

Approximately two weeks after semesterstart your invoice will be sent to the email address that you used when you applied to studies. Once it is sent to you, it will also be available under My Invoices. 

Here you can:  
Open you invoice to see the details  
See status of the invoice  
See invoice date and due date  
See the amount paid  
See the balance 

You will also be able to apply for a Payment Plan and Apply for Change of Due Date.

Here you will see the overview of all your invoices, named 1/6. Where 6 is the amount of normal semesters.  

You may also at your study period recieve additional invoices, if so – it will be specified what they apply for. 


If you click on one of the invoices, you will see the invoice details. Up to 12 days after the due date you will have two invoice actions available.  

Apply for Payment Plan: 

If you want to apply for a payment plan, you can push the button. Then information about the payment plan solution willl be available for you to read. 


When you push next, you will need to Accept the payment plan. Here you can also send the payment agreement to your email, or download it. You can choose to send to your email address that you used when you applied, your student email or other.  

When accepting the payment plan, it will be added to your invoice automatic. 


Apply for Change of Due Date:  

When you push the apply for change of due date button. You will have to choices for how long. 14 days or more than 14 days. You can get 14 days without further confirmation. If you apply for more than 14 days we need more documentation for granting such a request.  

There is no guarantee that your application will be accepted. The application will be handled by the accounting department. 


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